If you’re feeling a bit gloomy then you’ve come to the right place! Some days can be rougher than others. Even when you are down in the dumps, animals always seem to have the power to turn your day around. This blog is the result of the ultimate search to find the cutest animals across the world, along with some sound advice. Here are ten tips to brighten your day from cute AF animals.



#1: Smile at someone


Every great day starts with a smile. Although it feels like your smile won’t mean anything, try it out. A fake smile can’t fail to make you laugh so try it with a friend. Whether its a good day or a bad day, if this dog can look cute AF when it smiles, why can’t you?


#2 Text a rant to your best friend


Flood your best friend with a ton of messages telling them exactly how you feel by the second. The truth is, your best friend will probably think you’re crazy and out of hand and that you definitely need to pull yourself together. Your best friend is totally right, but they’ll always pull you back to the ground and ensure you that everything’s okay. Therefore, don’t be afraid to talk it out and text that rant!


#3 Get a warm hug


Sometimes a hug solves everything. It’s a great short-term fix to forget about what’s making you feel down. Long hugs can give you a sense of protection that will steer away those negative vibes. Don’t just go for one hug, go get another!


#4 Take a Break and Go Outside


Your problem might seem massive to you right now, but much larger things are happening in the world. Go outside and look around. Taking a short walk outside can help you clear your thoughts. Instead of thinking negatively about how bad your day is or whatever your circumstances are, think about what’s going on around you. Smell the air, listen to the ambient noises, observe birds flying around. Doing this can be just the fix you need to carry on with your day.


#5 Prioritize.


Rough days come and go. They can happen during any time of the week. Work management can be difficult when you are not in a motivated state of mind. In the case that you have to go through a work-intensive day, then you should learn to prioritize.  In order to conquer today, tackle the list of things you need to do one by one. Prioritize what needs to be done first and kill that to-do list.


#6 Take a Break from Social Media


Stay off your phone for five minutes. Communication is instant nowadays and you may feel pressured to answer that one message you just received. Those messages can wait. Answer at your own convenience. Go on social media when you want to, not when it tells you. Wait until the clouds in your life turn around, and the sun starts shining again until you’re back to talking to people on FB or IG.


#7 Feel the Music


Just like cute animals, music also has the ability to influence our mood. If you’re having a bad day, try to manipulate your mind to feel good by listening to music that screams your soul out loud. Sing it out loud, feel the music, and maybe even dance a little bit, wherever you are.


#8 Stay Cool.


Remind yourself of some of the more embarrassing things you’ve done in life. Now this day doesn’t seem so bad, right? It’s just another day. When you are approached with stressful situations, take a breath and soak it in. Some people prefer to react immediately. However, it is always best to keep yourself composed and ready to take on whatever swings your way. So take it from this bearded dragon, and stay cool.


#9 Eat LOADS of Food!


Sometimes all you need is food. Few things can make you feel better than a nice bowl of ice cream or some chocolate. Whenever you feel alone, comfort food can be a great form of support. Going long periods of time without eating could very well be the cause of your bad day. In fact, carbohydrates, which are essentially in most foods, help regulate our emotions; so make sure you are eating plenty throughout the day. If your day is still bad, then go pick yourself up some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


#10 Take the Leap!


Bad days can be signs of discomfort. Find the root of your stress and change the way you approach it. Don’t be afraid to make the changes necessary to avoid the situation from happening again. Ask yourself, “if I could be anybody today, what would it take to become that person?” When you feel a bit of gloom, it’s time to start changing little things.


So, how’s your day going now? Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this blog, make sure you check out the Top 15 Memes of 2017.