It’s time to call out all the different types of girls you met at high school. While reading through this article, see if you can find yourself in any of these scenarios. Perhaps you know a friend who fits into one of these categories. Be sure to share this blog with with them and reminisce on the situations you’ve found yourself in with: 10 different types of girls you met at high school.


Gossip Girls

You’ve arrived at school and you find yourself in a situation where you’re being asked the question “so, who do you fancy from Freshman year?” You’re wondering, “why have they chosen me out of everyone in the room for this intense investigation?” You really don’t want to give an answer, but the girls’ persistence is both impressive and overwhelming. You give in, “Err, I kind of like Chad. He’s cute I guess.”

It’s time for Science class. The only class where you’re seated next to Chad. The whole lesson, every time you speak to him, he starts to blush and seems to not have the correct response to any of your questions. You look around the class and everyone’s looking over at you and Chad to see for themselves how awkward the situation has become. The realization hits you hard. Bella and Kristie have blabbed. Your secret’s out and your school life just got that much more awkward.

Find out who the gossip girls are early and either join them or stay far far way from them. One day they will interrogate you. Stay strong and don’t give up any of your secrets. Your school life will be way less stressful this way!



Obsessive AF

Whether it’s finding ‘satisfying videos’ on Instagram, sharing Lele Pons’ videos from YouTube or discussing the most attractive guys in the year. These girls are obsessed with it all!

You try and have a civilized conversation about schoolwork and the obsessed jumps up on the desk shouting “the floor is lava!” If you want to make more friends, the easiest way to do it is to learn about the latest trend and the hottest topic at school. That way you’ll be able to get involved with more conversations. However, if you’re not interested in these things, then who cares! Being unique may not seem like the best idea at school. However, forcing yourself to change who you are and what you enjoy shouldn’t be your solution to dealing with the obsessed types of girls.


Poser Girls

You see these girls from a mile away. They always wear a full face of make-up, a designer bag and they walk around the school like they own the place. It’s almost as if they have some kind of secret organisation going on. Like you can only receive an invitation to hang out with them if you look or act a certain way. There will always be posers at school, but don’t focus on them too much, they’re harmless! Unless you go after the clothes or make-up they’ve chosen to wear for the day. In that case, be prepared to enter a verbal war that will take place at school, over social media and will more than likely last for weeks!



Sporty Girls

Going to the gym and getting a great body is a huge social trend at the moment. We all know those girls who come into school with their Gym Shark leggings on, showing off the gains they’ve made to their glute and thigh area. They may not even be into sports, but these girls love supporting YouTubers like Nikki Blacketter or Whitney Simmons. They’ll show their support by wearing the same clothes as them.

If you feel as if you want to get in better shape, do your own research. Don’t just rely on the opinion of the girl who has the best body. Her body is completely different to yours and you need to figure out what is best for you specifically.


Nerdy Girls

They never put their hand up in class or talk to many people throughout the lesson. But if you find yourself sat next to that nerdy girl in class, you’re going to be impressed with the work she gets done. It may not be the most thrilling lesson of the day. But instead of just ignoring her, try asking her questions about the work you’re given. Take this opportunity to ask her a question if you don’t understand something; she likely will. You’re not going to be next to a nerdy girl in every class so make the most of it!

If you form a friendship with the girl, it can also work out greatly in your favor. For example, if one day you’ve forgot to complete your homework (which could be a likely scenario), she may ask if you need to copy her in order to stay out of trouble. It’s lit!



Cyber Goth

They don’t talk to anyone unless you prove to them that you’re an outcast. You hate your parents for not understanding you. Life isn’t fair and you show emotion with the type of clothes, make-up and jewelry that you choose to wear. These girls are mostly feared by the posers and the sporty girls. This is because they simply don’t understand them and find what they wear too dark and evil.

At the end of the day, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and to dress and act in whatever way they wish. In high school, however, it’s different. People are way more likely to conform to whatever everyone else is saying or doing. So take your hats off to the goths. They are the minority. Don’t disrespect their actions. Look a little further into the situation, as it’s likely there’s a valid reason behind why they chose to look the way they do.


The Really Shy Girl

There’s not much to say about them as they say nothing themselves. School’s a difficult time for a lot of people, and it certainly isn’t easy for the shy girls. The fact is, personalities are crazy due to the amount of hormones that are running all over the place. Everyone’s going crazy to gain attention and the shy girls just seem to get lost in the madness. If you don’t have a personality from day one of high school, it’s difficult to just all of a sudden have an opinion and start speaking up. So being a shy person will make it a bit harder to make friends and meet people you actually get along with at school.

Never underestimate the shy girl. It’s those who don’t say much that you should be the most worried about. The most introverted people usually have a lot to say but don’t have the courage to say it. So, if you find yourself in a situation (much like with the nerdy girl) where you get sat next to them in class, take the opportunity to ask them a few questions. To your surprise, you could be talking to someone of great interest and intelligence. You never know!



The Girl that Always has a Boyfriend

Always in a relationship. The main topic of all the gossip. The center of attention. There’s always one or a couple of these girls, they just seem to love guys. It’s likely that if any guy asks one of these girls out, they will almost always accept. After this, there’s no stopping them. You’ll see them at break and lunch time leaned up against the lockers kissing, feeling, and touching their bae. They become inseparable and every one just loves it for some reason. Probably because it’s quite funny lolll


Sociable AF

She’s so talkative! It’s ridiculous that these girls are just able to talk to everyone. They’re so confident in all social situations and don’t fear asking anyone questions about what sometimes can be really private topics. A lot of the time, shy people at school will dread sitting next to a social girl. They know that they will have to engage not only that girl, but every other girl and boy in close proximity. She just can’t help it. She loves the attention she gets from being the most sociable girl. If you’re sitting near her, she will use you either in a positive or negative way as a prop for her conversation.



Lit AF

They just seem to have it all – The looks, the intellect, the style, the confidence, the personality. There’s really not a bad word anyone can say about her. If there is then it’s most likely coming from a place of jealousy.

An important thing for everyone to remember here, is no one’s perfect. Yes she may seem like the coolest girl at the school and she may well be. But that doesn’t mean everything in her life is fine. Never judge a book by it’s cover and treat everybody in the way you’d prefer to be treated. This way everyone has a fair and equal chance. Actually, if you want to achieve that ‘lit’ status, you really need to consider how you treat others. No one has ever called someone lit for being a terrible person!

There’s nothing left to say for this type of girl apart form “she’s just LIT!”


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