Different Types of Boys

Last week we published an article about 10 Different Types of Girls You Meet at High School. Now it’s time to show you all the different types of boys you’ve met at high school. You’re sure to find yourself or one of your friends in this article. So be sure to tell them about it and have a laugh!


Attention Seekers

In every class there’s one boy who always tries to gain everyone’s attention. You can also describe him as the class clown. He makes a fool of himself to make everyone laugh and loves the attention that he gets from it. Teachers hate him, because he has nonsense in his head and constantly disturbs the lessons. Sometimes the class clown isn’t that funny. In some cases, he can come across as disruptive, unfunny, and simply annoying. If he’s a quality class clown, however, you’ll look forward to sharing lessons with him. You’ve gotta give it to the guy, sometimes he’s just hilarious AF!


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The Phantom Of The Class

The so-called “phantom” is slightly strange. He mostly stays in the shadows of the classroom. Every two weeks or so, you’ll see him again and say to yourself in disbelief, “He still exists?!” Then you forget him again. If he’s not alone, he may be with a maximum of two other similar friends. You will never see him in large groups.

He is a mysterious guy – nobody knows a single thing about him. You may feel a little uneasy when you have to work with him in class because you don’t know what to expect. Never underestimate the phantom. Just because he doesn’t speak a lot, doesn’t make him an alien. Talk to him and see what he’s about. You never know, there might be a cool guy underneath those layers.

The Kiss Ass

This guy could very well be the most hated kid in your class. He does everything in his power to improve his grades and be at the top of the class. His goal is to be the best possible student in the teacher’s eyes. You can easily identify this guy because he always raises his hand to ask question, takes meticulous notes, and speaks with the teacher at the end of each class. Many students dislike the kiss ass because if the teacher forgets to assign homework, he will have the audacity to remind him about it. WTF, is this guy serious!?


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The Snob

He goes to school driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes and is always well-groomed. This boy always has the latest iPhone, laptop, and honestly anything you can think of. His parents have tons of money and he lets everyone know it. No one can surpass his arrogance and he treats everyone else as if they are less than him. The guy walks around like he runs the place. Whenever he’s in trouble, he just gets his parents to ring the school and threaten them with their financial authority. Usually he lives in a castle-like home were he throws privileged parties for the “upper class.” You’ll only get an invite if you have as much money as him, or you kiss his ass.


The Party Boy

He comes to school with a coffee or Red Bull every morning. He has to because he spends most of his nights partying! It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the weekend or weekdays, the party boy is always at every social event. His priority is just being crazy AF. Sometimes he keeps his toothbrush in school since he comes directly from the party to the classroom. In a conversation with him you’ll mostly play the part of the listener. You’ll hear some of his epic stories: “when I woke up I was literally sleeping right next to a homeless guy, it was mad!” The party boy is very entertaining but after a while you may start to question why he’s so wild and always drunk.

Famous quotes from this guy: “Dude, it was so amazing yesterday you can’t imagine!” “I’m still so drunk, I don’t even know if I exist anymore.”


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The Hipster

Another category of boys that you are likely to meet in school is the hipster. Hipsters generally reject main stream trends and are edgy AF. This Birkenstock-wearing, beard-rocking vegan is unique and distinct with his actions. He expresses his personality through the clothes he wears, the food he eats, the music he listens to and so much more. He’s equipped with random purchases from charity shops, Vans and clothes from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Whether it’s their style, song choice or hobby, their outlook on life is one of a kind! At least, that’s what he wants you to think.


The Nerd

Nerds are the smartest people around school. They can understand algorithms, solve complex equations, and memorize every significant date in history. They are essentially walking encyclopedias. Imaginary worlds in comics, games and books are among their popular interests. Start a conversation with them about Game of Thrones and they’ll probably never shut up.

Nerds can sometimes struggle with the ladies. If a cute girl asks to borrow a pencil from him then he’ll probably turn as red as that pimple on his cheek. Dealing with bullies can also be a harsh reality for this social clique. If you consider yourself a nerd, take comfort in the fact that you’ll be sure to find yourself a nice job in the future. One day you’ll realize that your good grades and hard work have paid off.


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The Jock

Athleticism, excellent social skills, and arrogance – these are some of the character traits of your average jock. The high school quarterback marches around the school as if he were as skilled as Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, even if they have the worst team in the conference. A jock’s girlfriend is usually very beautiful and one of the most popular girls in school. She’s very proud of him and giggles with satisfaction as she sees him playing on the basketball court or football field. Jocks are at the top of the popularity contest, and they take advantage of it. Favors given by teachers on tests, beating the hell out of nerdy students and making others feel insecure five days a week – they seem to get away with it all!


The Pervy Guys

These guys are foul-mouthed, perverted and sexually driven. Their raging hormones is the root cause of their outrageous behavior. Searching through their internet browser history will uncover more visits to Pornhub than any other website. It seems like the most important goal in their life is to have sex with a girl. Most of them haven’t had any sexual contact with a girl yet because they come off too strong. They often try to touch girls whenever possible and say stuff which is most of the time way below the belt. Some students may find his lustful antics to be comical, while others find them as what they are, tasteless.


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The Businessman

He already knew from the age of three that he’d become an entrepreneur one day. He has incredible skills when it comes to selling a variety of sweets and treats on the school playground during lunchtime (“I’ll give you two snickers for the price of one!).” Yeezy’s and Supreme tees are the next phase for him. Once he’s made a bit of profit from the sweets, he’ll improve his game and start selling for the big bucks.

The guy will do anything for a bit of money. Don’t even bother asking him if you can pay him back tomorrow. He knows your type and senses that you’re the person that will just avoid him for a couple of weeks. We’re talking about a future businessman here, there’s no getting away from it. He’ll remember you owe him $5 until the day you graduate high school.



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