The YouTube community continues to grow in 2017 and subsequently, so do its’ content creators and their channels. With thousands of hours worth of video content uploaded every day onto the network, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. YouTube stars are the new rockstars. With millions of views and subscribers, the owners of these channels are becoming recognized everywhere they go. Here are the 5 YouTube channels that blew up in 2017!


1. RiceGum

He’s arguably the second most hated YouTuber (after Jake Paul). Ricegum has been around for some years but he really blew up in 2017. He became famous because of his beef with other YouTubers, and the diss tracks he made about them. He’s earned his fair share in the YouTube community with almost 9 million subs to date.




His diss track ‘It’s Everyday Sis,’ which goes after famous YouTuber Jake Paul, went on to reach over 118 million views in just 5 months! Rice lives in L.A. in one of the baddest villa’s in the YouTube community together with other YouTube stars like FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet. Collaborating with these big names has helped add to his success on YouTube in 2017.


2. NikkieTutorials 

Nikkie De Jager is a Dutch make-up artist that has been on YouTube since 2008. Her 8 million subscribers love her style and her personal way of talking to the camera. The fact that she does not look like the modern beauty standard has also made her very popular this year.


nikkie tutorials


Her most viewed video, ‘The Power of MakeUp,’ has over 37 million views and is one of the most viewed make-up tutorials on YouTube. Kim Kardashian loved the video and asked Nikkie if she could do the make up challenge with her. Collaborations with Kim Kardashian and many popular make up brands have largely contributed to her success in 2017. Her channel is worth checking out for any female who struggles with putting on their makeup in the mornings.


3. KSI

JJ, or better known as KSI, has been successful since his early YouTube beginnings in 2009. Then one day he vanished from social media. Gone. Everybody thought he had either died or decided to quit making YouTube videos. He proved everybody wrong when he came back in June with a song that explained his feelings and emotions towards life.


ksi gif


A month later he announced that he was leaving the Sidemen – a group created in 2013 consisting of seven British YouTubers, including KSI. He said he hated the group and was going to move in with RiceGum (see number one). Members of that YouTube collective and friends of JJ started to make disstracks about him which exposed him enormously. They were accusing him of drug abuse and claimed that he lost his virginity to a prostitute. This beef went on for a few months. These videos generated 25 million views on average which earned him a great amount of subs during those times and caused him to blow up for the second time in his career.


ksi triggered

4. Jake Paul – Team 10

Jake has been doing a good job at keeping up with his older brother, Logan Paul, who was already a big name on YouTube before Jake later joined. He has gained almost 12 million subscribers in the past year which makes him the second fastest growing YouTube channel (his brother being the fastest). Jake cofounded a social media incubator and management company called Team 10, which transforms young influencers into superstars. The group of young vloggers live in a huge villa in the hills of L.A. and have filled Jake’s daily blogs with crazy adventures and pranks.


Jake paul gif


Although he might be one of the most successful YouTubers today, he’s also received a lot of hate for his latest videos. Lighting his pool on fire, climbing on a news truck and trashing his whole neighborhood make for entertaining videos but it has also created a lot controversy. This has led to many Team 10 members leaving the house, as well as Jake losing his contract with Disney. All of this is no problem for Jake’s fans, however. The “Jake Pauler’s” are considered one of the strongest fanbases on YouTube.


5. Logan Paul

Vine Star Logan Paul currently has the fastest growing channel on YouTube. With almost 14 million subscribers in one year, he is killing the game in 2017. His content consists of daily vlogs where he runs into some crazy experiences. Things like getting tangled up in a fight with his brother, jumping in the canals of Venice or crashing his huge “yeti” car can all be found in his vlogs. His funny and crazy behavior make him a true entertainer for his fans.



Logan took vlogging to the next level by hiring his own personal camera man. His music career has been outperforming most hip hop artists has helped him to blow up in the last year. His fans, known as the ‘Logang,’ have been supporting him since the beginning and show up at every show and event he goes to. Aside from his YouTube and music career, he’s also one of the actors in the new Baywatch movie, and was one of the presenters during the Kid’s Choice Awards 2017.


logan rock gif


These were the top 5 YouTubers that blew up in 2017, are you part of the Logang or the Jake Pauler’s? If you liked this article make sure to take a look in our Life category for more articles like this!