Our life at school is highly influenced by the teachers we have. Some of them are awesome, and others are just terrible. Every teacher is different and we come across a variety of different types of teachers during our time at school.

Here are 8 types of teachers that you’re sure to have had during your time in school!



The Powerful One

This teacher doesn’t care about you or anything else. Their opinion is the only one that matters and if you argue against him/her, then you’re in for a rough time. They are continuously aggressive and bully pupils all the time. Just aim to keep your head down, get your work done and pray for the time of the lesson to go as quickly as possible. Good luck… you’ll need it.



The Hot Teacher

This type of teacher is extremely attractive and everyone loves him/ her. Unfortunately, students miss out on the majority of the lessons that they could be learning because they’re so distracted by the sex appeal of this teacher. So try not to drool on your shirt!



The “Impossible to Pay Attention to” One

An unbelievably monotonous voice, incredibly boring style of teaching and absolutely no personality. He tells boring stories nobody wants to hear. These are the characteristics of this type of teacher. You won’t learn anything in this lesson, even the name of the teacher. Good Night!



The Cool Guy

This teacher is just too cool for school. He solves student’s problems and protects them from other types of teachers. He’s able to inspire kids to be more creative and enthusiastic inside and outside of school. He is a great mentor and creates lessons which every pupil is interested in. This teacher could even be considered your friend if he wasn’t working at your school.



The Chill Teacher

He’s extremely relaxed and puts almost zero effort into the preparation of his lessons. He has a relaxed approach to students and doesn’t like to shout at the class. Instead of teaching, he likes to let the class watch movies or tell stories about his personal life. Everyone looks forward to doing absolutely nothing during these classes. It’s almost like having a long break in the day.



The Overly Enthusiastic

For this teacher, just doing the usual lesson during class isn’t enough. He always wants to carry out experiments, or do something crazy with the students. For example, he takes the class outside, gives out food as rewards for answering questions, or creates some really dangerous experiments. He pushes the boundaries and most students love him for it.



The Funny Guy

This type of teacher loves the sound of his own voice. It doesn’t matter whether he is talking during the lesson, or even somewhere written on your homework. The problem is that he thinks he is the most hilarious person in the world. The class doesn’t learn a thing in any of his lessons because they’re too busy thinking about how bad the last joke was.



The One That Should Have Chose Another Line Of Work

This teacher really should have chosen another job. Either they are too young, too old or just afraid of the students. They have no authority over the class and this leads to chaos. Every student goes crazy because they know that they can get away with it. If you’re sitting in this class then be aware of flying objects!




That’s it.. We hope you enjoyed this blog!

Which kind of teacher do you have at school? And what’s your favorite type? Let us know in the comments!


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