You’re a young adult who’s been invited to your first house party by one of the popular kids at school. The theme for the evening’s going to be Halloween. You’re so excited to rock your ‘Stranger Things’ costume that it’s two nights until the party and it’s like you’re a kid again waiting for the morning of Christmas. You’ve dabbled in the act of drinking before. But this time you’ve got your mum to buy you a large bottle of Smirnoff ice and you’re ready to experiment with your bodies’ alcoholic limits. However, there’s one thing you won’t be taking into account. That is when you wake up the next morning and feel as if you’ve ran across a busy road. But instead of making it across safely, you actually got hit by every single car that drove past. Otherwise known as the hangover.

This blog will give you some insight on how to deal with your first hangover. Enjoy, but most importantly drink responsibly!


When You Wake Up – A Good Hangover

So you wake up and find that you’ve made it back home to your own room from the party. Your mum’s standing beside the bed looking at you with a touch of disappointment but also a great sense of relief. She made you breakfast and it smells amazing! She’s ready and prepared to force a couple of tablets down your throat with a swig of orange juice and a large cup of water.

In this instance, there are only a couple things you need to be thinking about. For example, whether or not you can remember anything from last night. Thinking about the things you may have said or did should always be a priority. This way, you can live the rest of the day stress-free being sure of the fact that you didn’t embarrass yourself in any way. Or at least if you did, you can make an effort to try and correct it or come to terms with it.

This is your absolute best-case scenario for your first hangover. As you can see there’s not a lot to deal with here, as your mum’s doing most of the work for you. However, there are much worse scenarios you can find yourself dealing with…


A Bad Hangover

A bad hangover! The room you’re in is completely unfamiliar. Everyone else is still sleeping and you can’t recognize anyone around you. You look at your phone and you’ve received eight missed calls and fifteen unanswered messages from your mum. You find your jeans and search for your wallet and your keys, and as your checking the pockets, you realize they’re gone. Much like your mental ability to think about where they may have gone.

Take a deep breath and start to prioritize your actions. It’s going to be a stressful afternoon, but just try to relax. Thinking too much about the situation is only going to make the hangover worse. Call your Mum instantly. The longer you leave her worrying about whether you’re still alive, the harder she’s going to make your life when you make it home. Once you’ve taken yourself outside and explained everything to your mum, the search for your possessions should begin. Don’t bother contacting friends as they’re most likely in the same situation. You’re on your own mission now. Only you can deal with your hangover and locate the whereabouts of your possessions.


General Advice

Remember, there are many different scenarios you can find yourself in during your first hangover. The two covered above are one in a million things that could potentially happen to you. But it’s important that you’re always prepared for the worst-case scenario. Here’s some general advice and tips you’ll be able to use with every hangover you encounter:

  • Only bring the essentials – if you bring your wallet, your keys, a jacket, a car or whatever else your thinking about bringing to the event. There’s a high possibility you’re going to lose or forget one of these things. Make your hangover easier by not having to remember as much.
  • Stay active – there’s nothing worse for you than to just lay in your bed all day with a hangover. You will feel ten times worse just sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Talk to your friends about how good the night was. Go out and grab some food or even go to the gym. Staying active will keep your mind off realizing how bad you’re feeling.
  • Stay hydrated – Water is underrated. Drink lots of it and you’ll feel a lot better.
  • Eat a lot – When you feel up to it, get yourself a large greasy meal. Something like a Dominoes or some McDonald’s. Nothing will cure your hangover like a couple thousand calories. Don’t rush it though. Your boy is in a fragile state and may not be able to handle what you put in it as soon as you wake up. Take your time, you’ll know when you’r ready.


That’s it!

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