Adulthood, also known as adulting, naturally happens to you as you take more responsibility in your life. There is no specific time to be an adult but you do feel it when it starts. Stability and self-reliability are the primary reasons as to why people grow up faster than others. So, here are the 7 little ways you are now adulting.


#1 Everything's slightly organized and clean, who are you?


You've gone through all of your chores. The laundry's done, the dishes are clean and your desk is so organized that it could be on display at IKEA. So what's the problem? The laundry had to wait two hours, your plates weren't in the kitchen cabinet 'till you remembered to put them there and you've been sitting at your desk thinking about your next Instagram Story. Responsibilities are starting to pile up and you're prepared. In order to deal with them, you slack your way through it. The sense of responsibility is somehow natural to you now and you feel so proud of yourself. You never imagined a time when you'd be managing well enough to go through your list of chores. Life suddenly gets easier than before because apologies are no longer necessary. When your guests walk into your home they will instantly feel the chill vibes.


#2 Procrastinate but have time for deadlines!


Mastering time is one of the main aspects of adulting. You're going to have to know when that 'last minute' is available to you, since you now have bigger responsibilities. You could stay at home, do nothing and work at a specific time to meet the deadline slightly earlier than late. It'll be fine! Being late is inexcusable now but this is your transition and so far, you're doing great!


#3 Stay in, Be alone vs Interact with New People


Going to house parties during the school week is now a past time. Everyone's younger than you and you don't know how to connect with themPeople that you hung out with before are still doing the same thing and you're no longer into it. Alone time is necessary and you are more limited with the number of people you can hang out with. Building up your music playlist and going through your Netflix list are now your new favorite things.


#4 Personalizing every day items are your thing


You get excited about decorating your room and purchasing appliances you need so you can step up your cleaning game. Your room now needs to scream your personality through its looks. Having little things such as a plant by the window or a coasters for your drinks can boost your mood ten-fold. Acquiring items that give a glimpse of your personality will provide both amusement and comfort. These are the things that make you an individual.


#5 Put your money where it deserves to be ...on a tiny bouncy castle


You've made ridiculous purchases in the past and those days are totally necessary. You know and appreciate the amount of work you put in to reap the rewards you deserve. As you grow older, you know that you will lose money, earn it, stash it away and lose it again. The ridiculous purchases you make entail money management problems but you'll get better at itHaving adult-sized Onesies somehow makes you a better and happier person.


#6 You're too comfortable around people


One day, an epiphany hit you and you now realize that there's nobody you would rather be than yourselfYou can finally break out into Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer in your friend's car. You don't care if anybody else sees you do it. People's opinions don't matter as much anymore. You have complete freedom to do as you please as long as it doesn't harm anybody. The freedom you have is focused on accepting responsibility for your actions...and doing what makes you feel awesome.


#7 Lecturing people about what you've learned is super necessary


The progress you've made into managing your time, money and health has made you a more responsible adult. You have learned a thing or two about life. You're now ready to preach what you've learned to your friends and have a fruitful discussion about the challenges you faced. Even though you're not yet a full expert at adulting, you still have the urge to share your opinion. You don't want the people you care about to make the same mistakes you did.


You're actually an adult and that means you're doing you're best. Props to you! If you like this article, check out How to Grow Up as a True 90s kid or check out our Life category.